Network tools

Our network tools are designed to simplify network troubleshooting, whether you are finding an available domain or trying to figure out if recent DNS changes have propagated globally.

Host resolver

Resolve IP address for a hostname.

Resolve host

Domain availability

Check domain availability.

Check availability

Domain status

Check domain availability.

Check status

IP Geolocator

Find the geographic location of a host.

Find Geolocation

DNS Dig (Nslookup)

View all DNS records for a domain.

Lookup DNS

Propagation Checker

Check if DNS changes have propagated.

Check propagation

HTTP Headers

Get HTTP headers from a remote server.

Get headers

Port scanner

Check whether ports are open on a server.

Scan ports

Reverse lookup

Find all sites hosted on a web server.

Reverse lookup

Ping (Nping)

Find the ping to a remote server.

Find ping

Traceroute (MTR)

Trace the connection to a remote host.

Trace host

What's my IP?

Find your public IP address.

Find IP